Alen Scropetta

Alen Scropetta

Personal Trainer
Degree Fitness & Nutrition | Kineseology | L4 Personal Trainer

With more than two decades experience in the fitness industry, Alen’s expertise is one on one training and life coaching.
Alen uses scientific methods alongside well-developed teaching methods to help each client achieve long term results in the shortest times possible.

In his long fitness career Alen has worked with the best in the industry from bodybuilding world champions to well known conditioning trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

Alen has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals improving their lifestyles, body shapes, physical performance and fitness levels.

Outside of work you’ll find Alen reading as well as enjoying tennis and the arts.

Alen’s expertise included: weight loss, muscle tone/gain, mobility, balance, stability, flexibility, sports performance, injury prevention, nutrition, supplements, wellness retreats, fitness education and motivation.

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