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Effective &Keeping your employees pain free & working at their best non-invasive treatment to relieve pain and musculoskeletal problems

We’re helping companies keep their teams happier, more productive & pain free. Even during this new age of remote & office working.

This is being achieved through companies taking the full advantage of our engaging & educational workplace wellbeing seminars.

These seminars give your employees simple & actionable advice which they can easily implement into their day to day routine. Each seminar goes into a wide range of topics from posture & workstation set up to nutritional advice and general health aspects.

Best of all, we’ve found that the teams who have experienced our courses go on to keep each other in a “posture perfect state” by encouraging each other to practice what they learnt. They’re even passing on these powerful tips to new colleges who join the team.

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How we can help your company

Educating your team can drastically improve your employees wellbeing & performance
With an increasing number of people working from home we’re noticing a surge of people coming to us with neck pain, back pain, headaches and sciatica. Improvised work station set ups are causing more employees across the country experience problems which can be prevented or even completely avoided with our guidance.

What we offer companies like yours

Most Popular

Posture Perfect Workshop

Priced based on team size

In this workshop we emphasise the importance of posture on our overall health and we teach the attendees the correct way to sit and stand. The workshop includes a 30min interactive presentation, followed by 15min postural and biomechanical assessments.

From this the attendees will come away with the tools and support they need to improve their posture and maintain it at their workstation. Once again, the emphasis is on teaching the individual opposed to just telling them how to sit and stand. From experience this has a longer lasting impact.

The workshop is carried out by principle chiropractor Steve Mullan, which offers the added benefit of providing the correct support should the attendees be concerned of something more than just their sitting position (back pain, neck pain headaches etc).

Best For Individuals

Workstation Assessments

Priced per employee

This is a very comprehensive assessment carried out by our fully accredited, principal practitioners. The assessment identifies the correct workstation position for the individual. This includes:

We can offer support and a direct, on-site link to the staff should they require more.

From experience, employees may have something more underlying such as spinal instability or fixations as just an example.

The assessor has the experience and expertise to advise the appropriate approach whether that be with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist or with one of the MOVEHQ coaches.

How your company & team will benefit

Small changes, huge payout
Increase employee health & wellbeing
Improve employee productivity & focus
Decrease employee sick days
Empower your team to help each other
Decrease recovery time from injury & illness

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