5 Warning Signs You May Need a Gait Analysis

Walking and running are more than just daily activities—they’re the foundation of our mobility. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll for a cup of tea, a brisk walk with the dog, or pushing the limits in a race, the way we move—our gait—not only propels us forward but also reflects our overall health and potential for injury. Recognising the signs of gait issues is crucial, and a comprehensive gait analysis can be a game-changer. Here are 5 warning signs indicating that a gait analysis could be beneficial for you:

Person experiencing foot pain caused by an issue with their gait.

1. Persistent Pain

Experiencing pain during movement is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. Often, we might attribute this discomfort to external factors, but the root cause could lie in our gait. Conditions like plantar fasciitis or persistent heel pain, often stemming from issues such as fallen arches or limited ankle mobility, can be uncovered through a detailed gait assessment.

Runner experiencing recurring injury due to problem with their gait

2. Recurring Injuries

If past injuries keep haunting your walks or runs, it’s time to examine your gait. Recurring injuries can be a sign of gait imbalances, such as insufficient hip extension or a low stride rate, which place undue stress on the body and can lead to chronic issues.

Sole of runners shoe

3. Uneven Shoe Wear

Your shoes tell a story of your gait. Uneven wear patterns are a telltale sign of gait irregularities, which can translate to disproportionate stress on your joints and hinder movement efficiency, challenging even the most robust injury prevention strategies.


4. Noticeable Foot Sounds

The sounds of your footsteps are more than just noise—they’re indicators of your gait health. Excessive slapping or other atypical foot noises during a walk or run are signs that your gait may need professional evaluation.

Runner hitting training plateu

5. Hitting a Performance Wall

When progress stalls, and you can’t seem to reach your next distance or time goal despite dedicated training, your gait might be the barrier. A thorough analysis can identify movement inefficiencies and help you break through that performance plateau.

At Active Health Clinics, we are keen on the importance of a healthy gait for overall well-being and optimal physical performance. Our tailored gait analysis is meticulously designed to pinpoint any issues, providing you with a personalised action plan and comprehensive report to enhance your movement. Whether you’re an athlete aiming for peak performance or someone seeking pain-free mobility, we want to help guide you on your journey to better health, mobility and performance.

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