The Number 1 Misconception About Physiotherapy In The Uk

If You’ve Ever Received A “Physiotherapy” Print Out From The NHS – Read This

Physio is not about exercise and this is what people get confused with.

The trouble is when people have that experience with NHS physiotherapists who are only giving them exercises, that’s what they think we do.

Physiotherapy being completely about exercises is a completely incorrect idea about physiotherapy.

There’s so many different levels to physio.

When you work with the body, if someone has an issue, first I will localise the problem.

Then I’ll work to find where the problem is coming from.

From here, I focus on treating the root of the problem.

And then after that, it’s good to start doing some exercises.

Of course, this is all depends on what condition patients are suffering from. There are some conditions which exercises are one of the most important things to have from the early beginning of Physiotherapy.

However, there are some conditions which if we start exercises immediately, we won’t to go anywhere. Patients will have more soreness and more problems as a result.

Over the time, it may get better slowly. But the trouble is initially, if you don’t work on tissue, you won’t get any any major improvement whatsoever.

So it all depends on the patient and what they’re experiencing.

The misunderstanding for me with Physiotherapy is just like “it’s all about exercises”, which in reality, this is not the case – there are so many other layers to it.

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