Struggling To Exercise? Ask yourself this question next time you workout

Hey Everyone, today I’m in the gym so we have a quick blog about exercise.

Quite often, in a gym environment, we tend to take things quite seriously. We’re trying to train the body, correct movement patterns and make sure that we’re putting ourself in a place of resilience – ensuring that we’er not damaging ourselves when we go out and about in the world.

A lot of the information that I come across has a “That’s pretty important” feel to it. But I think it’s really important to remember to have a bit of fun when we exercise! At the end of the day, the best exercise we’ll ever do in the world is the one that we’re enjoying, right?

To have some fun, next time you’re able to get to a gym, or if you have a home gym, is to grab a Swiss ball. They’re engaging, there’s so much more going on when using it – and it’s much, much more fun! Even if you don’t have a gym, grab a Swiss ball, take it outside and practise things like kneeling on the ball. It’s a bit of fun, but remember to make sure you have a lot of space around you unless you know what you’re doing like me (I’ve spent years practising kneeling on a Swiss ball)

Take it out onto the grass, take it to a park, take the ball out, have a go at kneeling on it.

If you can kneel on it – fantastic! If you can’t kneel on it, don’t worry. It’s all good, just have some fun and see if you can get onto your hands and knees on the ball.

Can you do that? How does it feel? When you’re wobbling around, what muscles can you feel working?

Is it fun?

If it’s not – STOP DOING IT. Go find something else to do. It’s okay to find a different exercise if you didn’t enjoy the first one you tried.

At the moment, I am seeing a lot of people out cycling and running when they can. If you’re one of these people I urge you to think about how much fun you’re having when running or cycle. Why? Because I see a lot of people running and they don’t look like they’re having much fun at all. They look like they’re in a world of pain because they’re pushing hard.

So ask yourself, when you’re exercising, am I enjoying this? Everyone talks about the endorphins that come about afterwards. “I know I’ll feel good afterwards” Right?

That, in all honesty, is not very motivating for a lot of people. Yeah, I know you’re supposed to enjoy exercise. But a lot of people push, push and push when exercising because of how they’ll feel afterwards.

Screw that. Having some fun DURING the exercise. So if you’re out for your run (I don’t personally run) if you’re out to run and it’s hurting and you’re not enjoying it, just ask yourself as you’re still running, what can I do to make this easier, to be lighter on my feet?

Do I shorten my stride?

Do I lengthen my stride?

Does that make it easier and more fun?

Is it more fun if I speed up and then slow down?

If I vary the speeds?

Is that more fun?

Is it more fun if as I’m running I kind of take a step sidestep around a lamppost or something?

Is that more fun?

Is it more fun if I do a little turn and run backwards for a hundred yards?

Try to have more fun with their exercise, because then you’re more likely to do it. Set yourself the routine, the habit of going to do your exercise, but when you’re doing your exercise, have some more fun with it.

It’ll make you a nicer person. And then if you do get some endorphins afterwards, then that’s a double bonus. You’ve had a bit of fun and you’ve got some endorphins afterwards.

Hell yeah!

Until next time, stay safe.

Be healthy.

Treat yourself with a little love and respect and have fun.

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