Rosie’s Epic Journey from London to Paris with the Bia Cycle Club

On the morning of Thursday, 13th June, Rosie will embark on an extraordinary cycling adventure, riding from London to Paris. Covering approximately 170 km per day and climbing 1280m, she will be joined by four inspiring women from the Bia Cycle Club. This remarkable journey is organised by Hot Chillee, and it promises a near-closed road experience, complete with outriders to ensure smooth sailing from Calais to Paris.

The motivation behind this challenge is deeply personal and inspiring. Sarah Severn, a fellow Bia member, was involved in a serious accident on 1st June 2023. A reckless driver, unwilling to slow down, hit Sarah and another rider on a roundabout near Sonning. Sarah suffered a broken pelvis and numerous other injuries. Despite these setbacks, she has demonstrated incredible resilience, maintaining a positive attitude and an unwavering determination to get back on her bike. Now, she is ready to face this new challenge alongside Rosie, Jenni Green (the founder of Bia), Joanne Eaton, and Ruth McAdam.

Rosie and the bia club

Their journey begins early on Thursday morning, aiming to reach Dover for the ferry. The first leg is a demanding 160 km (100 miles) with 1210m (nearly 4000 ft) of climbing. The group plans to maintain an average speed of 24 km per hour (16mph). Upon arriving in France, they will rest for the night in Calais before setting off again. The second leg covers 165 km and 1280m of climbing to reach Amiens, feeling very much like participants in the Tour de France, thanks to their motorcycle outriders who will ensure a smooth ride.

After a night in Amiens, the final push to Paris awaits. This stretch covers 175 km and 1240m of climbing. Due to Olympic preparations, they won’t finish under the Eiffel Tower but nearby at Les Invalides. Despite this, Rosie looks forward to witnessing some pre-Olympic preparations in Paris before celebrating their incredible achievement and returning to London via Eurostar on Sunday.

Rosie acknowledges the superb support from her team at Active Health Clinics (AHC), particularly from Steve Mullan (Chiropractic), Jumaane Bant (Sports Massages), and Nick Riding (VO2 Max testing). Their support has been instrumental in her preparation, providing the confidence and fitness needed for this challenge. She looks forward to sharing her experiences and receiving a well-deserved recovery massage from Jay upon her return.

This London to Paris ride will be Rosie’s longest to date, but it is just the beginning. She is already preparing for her next adventure: a six-day gravel ride around the South African bush in September.

Follow Rosie’s journey and support her as she takes on this incredible challenge. For updates, check out Bia’s Instagram: bia_cycling.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the unstoppable Rosie and the inspiring Bia Cycle Club!

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