My Journey in Treating Adelle Tracey: A Blend of Passion and Professional Growth

Here at Active Health Clinic in Maidenhead, we are a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing exceptional chiropractic care and sports therapy to athletes and community members alike. We are thrilled to share a special story that highlights the dedication and expertise of our team as we prepare for the upcoming Olympics. One of our own team, Jumaane Bant (aka Jay), who is an outstanding Sports Therapist, has been providing treatment to his sister, Adelle Tracey, an Olympian competing in this year’s games. 

Jumaane Bant, Sports Massage Therapist at Active Health Clinics

Each session was tailored to address her specific needs, whether it was recovery from intense training or preparation for an upcoming race.

Jumaane Bant

Jay’s Journey in Treating Adelle Tracey: A Blend of Passion and Professional Growth

We’ve been so excited to follow Adelle’s progress over the years and caught up with Jay to hear about her treatment plan and how he and the team have helped her to prepare for Olympic success.

“Over the past few months, I have consistently provided treatment for my sister. With the Olympics fast approaching, we have increased our treatment sessions to three times a week to help keep her fit and healthy, preparing her for the demanding season ahead.

Our journey began with a thorough assessment of Adelle’s physical condition. With the help of the team at Active Health Clinics, I was able to incorporate a variety of techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and strengthening exercises. Each session was tailored to address her specific needs, whether it was recovery from intense training or preparation for an upcoming race. Working alongside a team of experienced therapists and medical professionals at the clinic has fostered a collaborative atmosphere of continuous learning. 

Sharing insights and strategies has enhanced my knowledge base and kept me updated on the latest advancements within my field.

Jumaane Bant providing sports massage and sports therapy to help Adelle Tracey's recovery and performance

At the clinic, there is a strong emphasis on personal development. By utilising supportive and flexible working hours, I have been able to adjust my schedule to accommodate athlete training times and commitments. This flexibility meant that I was able to attend an altitude training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona, in April 2024. This adaptable approach will continue later in the year, enabling me to attend the Olympics in person to support my sister in her competition and provide immediate treatment if needed which I have been truly grateful for.” Jumaane Bant – aka ‘Jay’

Supporting Adelle’s Journey

A genuinely lovely young lady, and a rather impressive athlete. If you are unfamiliar, 31-year-old Adelle Tracey is an American-born middle-distance runner who has been competing for Jamaica since 2022 after previously representing Great Britain. Specialising in the 800 metres, Adelle has achieved notable successes, including a fourth-place finish at the 2018 European Athletics Championships and a bronze medal at the 2022 NACAC Championships. Her journey began with the honour of being a torchbearer at the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. Adelle’s dedication and resilience have led her to set personal bests and national records, including a remarkable performance at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. 

As she prepares for the upcoming Olympics, we at Active Health Clinics are proud to support her every step of the way. Do show your support by checking her out on insta @adelletracey, dropping her a follow, and join us in cheering her on!

We know Adelle will be in great care with big brother Jay by her side and we are looking forward to him returning to the clinic in mid-August!

Jay and Adelle

To Your Continued Success

At Active Health Clinics, we believe in providing top-notch care to everyone, from elite athletes to community members striving for better mobility and health. Our commitment to excellence and personalised care sets us apart. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please do get in touch with us. 

Whether you need a sports massage, chiropractic care, or rehabilitation services, our skilled team is here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Reach out to Active Health Clinics today and experience the difference that professional and compassionate care can make. 

Once again, we are sending our best wishes to Adelle Tracey and all the athletes competing in this year’s Olympics! Let’s make this a season of triumph and health.

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